Sample: Web3 Investment Live Q&A – 4/24/22

Live Q&A Ticket (No sales as of now)

mr.masa answers your questions for Web3 investment

No sales as of now. We will let you know once we start a new ticket sale.

For those who bought this ticket

We have live Q&A on Zoom. Everytime, it’s 1 hour. All Communication language is English. When you post your questions on the live, please follow the instruction of Zoom. Mr.masa only answers questions posted on Q&A section of Zoom.


Additional Notes:

  • – No membership is required to buy this ticket. But, the number of seats is limited upto 300 users. Once the number of purchase hits 300, all tickets are sold out. Also, BasicPlan Users need to purchase this ticket every time if you want to join. Only ProPlan Users are free to join every time including archive access.
  • – You can only ask questions related to our published reports. mr.masa does not answer any question about any Web3 protocol, DeFi, and NFT which he have not analyzed yet.
  • – Always keep good manners when you join. Don’t post any questions or comments which will harm others.
  • – For archive access, you can only access to last three Live Q&A simply because of loss of content freshness and waste of storage resources which is not eco-friendly.