High conviction investing

We want to work together with tech entrepreneurs who seriously wants to change the world in order to advance humanity

Particularly, we are interested in

  • Perpetual Motion Machine Based Personal PoS Mining (= UBI)
  • Proof of Work with Less Hashrate Raise
  • DID with Authenticated Provenance (Web3 Social)
  • Decentralized Insurance Solving Redlining Problems
  • Blockchain PaaS
  • Tokenized DeSci

Of course, if you build innovative protocol other than those above in Web3,
we are also pleased to listen to you.

How we help you

  • Live Interview for Promotions
  • Free Access to Our Paid Analysis Contents Including Your Competitors
  • ICO&IDO Timing Advice Based On Our Macro Market Analysis
  • Tokenomics Design
  • SAFT&SAFE w/ Warrant Contract Design
  • Fair Token Launch Execution
  • Product Strategy Building
  • Go-to-market Strategy Building
  • Team Building