User Guide

I tell you about the detail of Orb Labs Membership including its user guide.

We support multi language including English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Germany as of now.

We are going add more language in the near future.



Here is our membership plan.

We have only two plan: Basic and Pro.

Basic includes my Real-time portfolio update, DeFi & Staking investment report, Two Deep Analysis Reports for Crypto Every Week, and Three Macro Technical Analysis and Industry Trends Reports including Bitcoin and Macro Market Analysis Every week.


This means you can read five reports every week.

All are text basis without ads, so, very time-efficient compared with my YouTube videos.

Basic costs $9.99 / month or $79.9/ year.

The annual plan is 33% off the monthly plan.


Pro: Three additional items to Basic Plan. The first one is ICO & IDO deals we are going to join.

This is very much well-selected ones. The second is my NFT investment reports.

And the third is Live Q&A.

Only Pro Plan users can join my Lice Q&A for free including archive access.


Pro costs $14.99 / month or $119.9/ year. The annual plan is 33% off of the monthly plan.

Great news for you here is that we are now running opening sales until December 25th, 2023.

Every plan is 50% off. Monthly fee for basic plan is the half price of Netflix.


Once you purchase your favorite membership plan during this sales period, you can keep this discounted price forever.

We don’t do such big discount ever in the future.

Don’t miss this limited chance.

But, please note if you cancel your subscription after the end of this sales period, you lose this discounted plan forever. Please remember it.


And also, we are running one week free-trial campaigns of now.

Thus, try it first. If you don’t like it, you can cancel it during your free trial period.

Account registration is very simple.

Once you choose monthly or annual plan, click one of these buttons (“Buy now” or “Join Free Trial” )



Then, here is your account registration page.

We use Stripe for payment. Stripe wants to check your billing address, thus, you need to wright down your address information.

But, most important item is email as I marked here in the red rectangle.

We use your email for your password setting and post notification. Thus, email registration is required.


The other important one is this blue marked rectangle area. This is about post notification by email.

You can activate this feature later. But, I recommend you do it here.

So that, you will receive our post notification whenever we posts new contents.

Then, click Purchase.


After clicking this button, you will receive email from us.

This email is to register your password to login.

When you login OrbLabs, you need your email and password.



Once you log-in OrbLabs, you will see this dashboard.

Then, click “My Subscription”.

Here, we can see your subscription status.

If you want upgrade or down grade your plan, please click thus button “Upgrade or Downgrade”.


If you wanna add or delete your card information, please click “Payment Methods”.

“Change Payment” will also work, but the process is more complicated.

So, I recommend to use “Payment Methods” instead.



Here is “Payment Methods” page.

If you wanna change your card information, please click “add payment methods”.

Then, this registration page will show up.


After fill all required items, please click “Add payment method”.

Then, once you confirm you successfully add your new card, you can delete your old one.



The next item is mail notification.

You can find out the icon on the left side as I marked in the blue rectangle.

These are also the main menu for you.

Here, you can chose subscribed or unsubscribed  for mail notification.

Once you chose one of them, please click “Save”.



The next item is Technical Analysis from the main menu.

Here, you can check out all technical analysis of crypto assets including BTC and ETH, macro market analysis, and industry trend analysis reports every week.

Here, we have search box, thus, you can search our reports with key words.



The next item is Crypto Asset Analysis.

Here you can read all of my deep analysis of crypto assets. Also, you can use search.



The next item is ICO & IDOs. I share all ICO & IDO deals which I am going to join based on my deep analysis.

This information includes well-detailed instruction to join each deal.

Thus, It will be very friction-less for you to join ICO & IDOs.

Only you need here is “luck” which we cannot help you out.



The next item is DeFi report.

You can check out my latest allocation for DeFi.



The next item is NFT report.

For your reference, you will see this page when you plan does not cover this category.

NFT report is only for Pro Plan.

Once you click “More Detail”, you will move to our membership plan page, and you can upgrade your plan.


Actually, you can do upgrade on your dashboard, too.

Click “Account” on the header as I marked in the blue rectangle.

Then, you click “My Subscription” and “Upgrade or Downgrade”.

Then, this plan page shows up.


So, you chose your plan (Basic or Pro) and your billing period (monthly / annual), then click “Switch subscription”

Our system automatically adjusts your payment cycle based on your subscription schedule.

All calculation for this adjustment is daily basis.



Then, the next item is my portfolio update.

You can check our all of my portfolio update here.

The top report is always my latest portfolio allocation.

You can check out my portfolio history here, too.


The next item. Asset management ledger.

You cannot edit this template directly.

Instructions for use

(1) Make a copy of this template

(2) Delete the items filled in as examples or unnecessary parts

(3) Check your portfolio and enter your own information.


The next item. Live Q&A.

You can access to this page by clicking “Live Q&A Ticket” on the header.

You can check out the sample video here. It’s old one.

But, this will be good reference for you to understand how I run my live Q&A.


For Basic users, you need to buy the ticket.

And, the number of seats is limited up to 300.

Once the sales volume hits 300, this ticket sales goes to “Sold Out”.


For Pro users, you can join this Live Q&A for free. Archive access is also Free.

But, you can only access to last three Live Q&A videos simply because of loss of content freshness and waste of storage resources which is not eco-friendly.

Thank you for your understanding.

Live Q&A schedule will show up on your main menu.



Then, the next item. Our Affiliate Program.

Here is our brief explanation of our affiliate program.

Every time OrbLabs confirms that you acquire a new user from your affiliate link, OrbLabs pays you 10% commission fee.

Also, every time the user renews his or her subscription plan, we pay you this 10% commission fee.


The payment cycle is every 3 months.

For detail, please read our Affiliate Program Terms.

Simply put, you can invite your friends to make money.

And, as far as your friends are our members, you can earn forever.


If you wanna become our affiliate program members, please fill these item and click “Submit”.

Your email for our affiliate programs needs to be as same as your account.

Thus, you cannot change your email here.


Currently, from quality assurance purpose of our social marketing, we only accept users who have certain level of SNS presence for our affiliate programs.

So, if you don’t receive reply from us within 2 weeks, your application is rejected.

Thanks for your understanding.



Then, here is the last item. Information.

Since I have lots of network in Web3, I sometimes get interesting offers from my community like early access code to new dapps, or special events invitation on virtual events, etc.


In such cases, I’ll share those offers here.

This will be also interesting experience for you to explore yourself in Web3 world.

Alright, that’s all.